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Top 20 Listing as of 30/03/2019


Comparison between top 40 and top 20 issued over the last few months.
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Important Annoucement Summarys

  1. Quality Lindi Jumbo Graphite Project (High demand large graphite flakes) (De-Risked Plan for Delivery)
    1. Ore Reserve: 5.5MT @ 17.9% TGC for 987,000t TGC (Lindi, Jumbo, Graphite, Tanzania)
    2. 40,000T per annum production profile delivers the low capex of US$29.7m (A$42m)
  2. Important figures:
    1. Pre-Tax NPV of $335M,
    2. IRR 142%
    3. Capex of US$27.8m
    4. Payback period of 24 months.
    5. Funding Strategy: 3-4 Years high yield quasi debt-convertible at a premium to the current share price. Funding soon to be acquired.
  3. The development team  (Linked to  mining profile)
    1. Allan Mulligan (Mining Engineer) (30 Years experience in Africa)
    2. Andrew Cunningham (Geologist) (25 Years experence in Africa)
  4. The reserve provides
    1. Significant production expansion potential
    2. highly favourable metallurgical characteristics.
  5. Offtake agreements for 100% of production in place – targeting first revenue in 2H 2020.
  6. All required approvals and permits in place, financing the last piece before construction. Walkabout is nowseeking to raise circa A$42m ofdevelopment capital through a hybriddebt issue to fund the development of the Lindi Jumbo Graphite Project.
  7. Top 40
    1. Own 46% of the company
    2. Have current board representation Mike Elliot

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